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How should a capital transaction be reported on an estate's Form 1041 when the estate received Form 1099-B that did not account for a step-up in basis?
You need to file a Form 8949 (https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/...) with the schedule D to summarize the basis adjustment to the mutual fund.There is a column on the form for basis adjustment, use code O in column F and enter the basis adjustment amount in column G.For the reported short term gain that should be long term gain use code T in column F and report the gain in the proper long term section of the form.
Do I have to report sale of car on taxes?
Did you earn income on the sale? In other words, did you sell it for more than you paid for it? Then yes.However, the majority of cars depreciate as time goes on. If you sold it for less than you paid for it, you earned no income, and therefore there is no income tax involved.
Do non-residents have to report US bank interest on form 1040NR?
I assume you mean that during 2022 you were a non-resident who is required to file a US tax return. Once you are living in the US and working on your H1-B visa, you would no longer be a non-resident. But, if that residency only took place in 2022. then your 2022 return would be a form 1040NR. Referring to your question comment:I received form 1099-INT from my American credit union reporting my interest income. I wanted to include that income and how much of it got withheld in the form 1040NR Iu2019m filling, however there is no field for tax withheld from the interest income in the form.Yes, there is a place to report both your income for interest and the taxes withheld. On form 1040NR, report your taxable interest on line line 9a (Taxable interest) and the taxes withheld on line 62a (Federal income tax withheld from Form(s) W-2 and 1099).Moreover, while other versions of form 1040 specify that you need to attach all forms 1099-INT, the form 1040NR never mentions that.Yes, if you are paper filing your return, attach all paperwork indicating that taxes were withheld. Staple it right here:Yes, itu2019s not 100% clear because it doesnu2019t mention your form specifically. But, do attach any form indicating that taxes were withheld.You may want to consider getting a professional tax return preparer to help you with your return.
How can I report my hacked Instagram account if I can't access the form in the app? Whenever I tap on u201cGet more helpu201d it redirects me to another help page instead of the report form.
Hello Raina Abadilla,To report your hacked Instagram account, use a web browser to go directly to the following web page, and follow the instructions there:Help Center - Privacy and Safety Center - Report Something - Hacked AccountsBut note that the behavior you observe within the app may indicated that the app is hacked, and your account might actually be fine; if somebody compromised your app, then by filling out your password there, you are actually leaking your password to that person, and not to Instagram.
Is there a way to get a report of home inspections already done on a house for sale?
A Seller is obligated to disclose all known defects on their home to a Buyer. Whether they do so or not is a different matter. If the Seller has a copy of an inspection report they would most likely be wise to show it to a Buyer. Why risk a law suit claiming they failed to disclose known defects. If you want to get a previous report then the Seller will have to provide it to you. The real estate agent who is listing the house also has a duty to disclose known defects. Realize they are not home inspectors and only know what the Seller has told them or what they read on a previous report. They cannot lie to you or withhold information from a Buyer. A home inspector has a duty of confidentiality to the owner of that report (Usually the previous Buyer). If a Buyer who was in line before you to buy the same home got an inspection report try to hunt them down and ask for a copy. They may want to charge you for it since it may have cost them several hundred dollars to have inspections done. As a matter of risk management for agents and sellers it is always a good idea to disclose, disclose, disclose or risk winding up in a court room.
IRS - Do US non-residents need to report interest income from foreign bank accounts on their 1040-NR form?
The nonresident alien individual using Form 1040NR need not to report foreign interest income earned. The income earned in the U.S is subjected to the Tax in form 1040NR. Generally, the income earned from the foreign source is not subjected to the Tax in U.S in form 1040NR.Visit AOTax for more information
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